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Awkward intro time, we’ll go first

We’re a team of specialists combining many years of experience growing B2B brands.

We are experts in the enterprise technology space, spanning applications in FSI, healthcare, BI, and many more.

We work with people across the globe to support marketing and sales functions with our programs and solutions.

We’re researchers, artists, horror film fans, musicians, and pet parents.

We are Flow State. 

What we do

We extend your in-house capabilities with automation, efficiency & expertise

Account Based Marketing

You know who you want to speak to, we can get you in front of them. We can make you better informed on your target accounts, tightly targeted on the buying group and consistently present in the right place at the right time.

Social Selling

We give you the gift of time by taking away the executional legwork. We optimise and automate your existing workflow. We help you to impress your boss and smash your targets in an increasingly challenging environment.


CRM Automation & Optimisation

We can help you roll out, set up or optimise your CRM to seamlessly support your business objectives. As a Hubspot Partner we can draw upon a huge pool of technical expertise to get the machinery of your growth engine humming.

How we work

A simple process to grow your business






Why work with us

We are a small team that achieves big things

We bring accountability, scalability and efficiency to your sales and marketing initiatives to build a sustainable approach to growth for your business.

We have worked with household names in the B2B space for many years. We specialise in the enterprise technology and financial services industries, supporting long, complex buying journeys.

Basically, we like a challenge.

Would you like to know more?

I found the focus on target accounts very effective to scale communcation while staying relevant to a much broader set of prospects than I could on my own.

Brad Lynch

Regional Sales Director, Aon

In my view, this program will be highly successful at identifying key contacts, new opportunities, and ultimately driving revenue.

Michael Linchitz

Director Major Accounts, InterSystems

Working with Flow State dramatically improved coordination and collaboration between sales and marketing in our business. 

Head of Marketing, APAC

Global Cloud Architecture Brand

Testimonial – Growing existing business from global accounts with Flow State

"The legwork and research at the outset gave me a clear understanding of the organizational structure, and the key focus areas for the target account as stated at the executive level.  The team was able to identify the key business areas that are seeing investment...

Testimonial – Social selling and sales enablement in a global Insurance business with Flow State

"The support from the Flow State team saved me a huge amount of time while enabling me to communicate regularly with a broad range of existing and new target customers. In an organisation the size of ours, it can be hard to keep up with changes in direction from the...

Is Enterprise Account Based Marketing Really Worth the Effort?

Enterprise businesses face a unique set of challenges, all deriving from the fact that they are, well, big. Really big! It can be difficult to get behind ABM due to the coordination required across numerous markets and time zones, as well as the various levels of...