What We Do

We unlock growth for B2B technology brands

We can support you in three key areas that drive growth for B2B technology brands


Find, reach and engage customers in effective channels

Audience Building & Prospecting

We build audiences, research their interests and behaviour, and provide contact data points to support your prospecting activity

LinkedIn Program

We manage the legwork on LinkedIn on your company page and across your sales team profiles to generate value and save time

Email Marketing

Email still works! We run and optimise sequences aligned with your customer journey and buying group 

Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Marketing (SEM / PPC)

We execute, manage and optimise paid activity to get your message in front of your audience, driving action / response

Outbound marketing services from Flow State
Inbound marketing services from Flow State


Reach and engage customers at key points in their buying journey

Audience Insights

We track and measure key touchpoints to inform your messaging, plan which channels will generate the best results and help you understand your customer

Chat Bots / Live Chat

Engage customers hitting your website with ease. We create self-led filtering, FAQs, opt ins and train humans for when you need them. 

Content Marketing

We create content that your customers actually want to consume, we don’t just transmit what you want to say

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Old faithful – helping people find your brand is essential to support independent research in the buying journey


Learn from the data you have to improve your marketing and sales results

Hubspot Specialist

We’re a Hubspot shop; we’ve got a set of tried and tested quick wins we can deploy into your account to get things moving

Audit & Improve

We make your CRM work, rather than it being just another chore on the task list

Getting Started - Basic Set Up

We put in place the core elements and workflow to make your CRM work without creating extra admin

For Marketing

Leverage the power of your CRM to generate, nurture and progress MQLs 

For Sales

Make your CRM an essential tool supporting sales cadence with prompts, insights and automated nurture

CRM sales & marketing services from Flow State