"I have found this program to be enormously helpful in organizing the way we approach a major account."

“The legwork and research at the outset gave me a clear understanding of the organizational structure, and the key focus areas for the target account as stated at the executive level.  The team was able to identify the key business areas that are seeing investment this year, and a few key projects/initiatives that are high profile and high priority.  

Through the program, we quickly identified important stakeholders in these business units and tracked carefully the keywords and topics that were important to them.  By understanding their interests, we could generate content and activity that increased engagement.

The results were impressive.  My connection requests were accepted, and we even had the Director of Data, Equity Analytics reach out to me to connect, proactively.  So clearly the messaging is resonating, and being shared within the target account to result in this type of engagement.  

In my view, this program will be highly successful at identifying key contacts, new opportunities, and ultimately driving revenue.”

Michael Linchitz

Michael Linchitz

Director Major Accounts – North America


Mike was a member of a global ABM program for approximately 12 months. We worked with him on:

• Prospecting & outreach to key decision makers

• Social listening & opportunities to engage his audience

• Ghost writing content & creative development

• Profile management & publishing