What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator (and why should you care?)

LinkedIn Sales Nav is a powerful tool for any B2B marketing or salesperson who wants to up their game.

You may or may not be familiar with Sales Navigator, but according to LinkedIn, it is:

“A sales intelligence platform that enables virtual selling by allowing sales professionals to build and maintain relationships with their buyers at scale.”

So what does that mean in normal human language?

LinkedIn Sales Nav is a powerful tool for any B2B marketing or salesperson who wants to up their game.

It allows you to:

1. Create audiences

2. Research your audiences

3. Build profiles

4. Build prospects

Despite all of these fantastic features, many businesses who have purchased Sales Nav rarely use it, resulting in wasted resources and potential. In fact, this issue was recently raised at B2B marketing conferences in the US and here in APAC.

We’ve also talked to our customers and found out three common reasons why this tool doesn’t get the attention it should in their business:

1. People don’t have any idea about what it is (or what it does)

2. You’ve had “training” from LinkedIn but it wasn’t helpful

3. People don’t know how to work it into their role


What are the benefits of using Sales Navigator more effectively?

Now that we know that Sales Navigator is a valuable tool, we came up with a list of how it can benefit you and your business, if and when used effectively:

1. Sales Nav can help you build a quantified view of your target market for use in sales and marketing.

For sales, it can:

1. Improve prospecting activities

2. Connect and converse with prospects outside of events

3. Find hundreds more opportunities to engage prospects

4. Gather useful social media points to inform sales activities

For marketing, it can:

1. Use audiences in organic and paid activities

2. Build lookalikes and deploy across other channels

3. Run brand lift studies

3. Manage your team and gain insight into performance

4. Enrich your CRM data

2. According to LinkedIn research, businesses that use Sales Nav achieve:

1. +15% more in created sales pipeline

2. +42% closed larger deal sizes

3. +59% of total revenue

So, how can we help?

In order to ensure that you and your team can maximise Sales Navigator effectively, we provide:

1. Sales Nav training on the basics, where we will give you workshops on an overview of Sales Nav interface, how to create customer profiles, and how to use the available tools and reports

2. Continuous support and guidance on use through check-ins at regular intervals

3. Proprietary dashboards to surface key signals/opportunities, allowing you to make the most out of your data

4. Accountability for you and your team


Where are you at now with your use of Sales Navigator?

We believe that LinkedIn Sales Navigator has the ability to help businesses achieve their goals. We have seen great success with it so far, but we want to know where you are at with using it.